Week 2

Again, another 100% week!! I am actually really enjoying this training cycle, easy to say when you are only 2 weeks in!! The training plan that I am following is all about easy runs for the first month and I do think this is helping, as I know I wouldn’t be looking forward to my runs quite as much if it was a hill or speed sessions!

Last week was also exciting for reasons other than the training too. I had a tweet asking for my email address as there was an opportunity that I might be interested in linked to the London Marathon. Obviously, this excited me hugely, and I quickly sent my email address in. I then got an email asking me to be an #extramile ambassador. I have to admit that I wasn’t totally sure what it was. I remembered seeing the hashtag at the expo last year, and it was on my finishers t-shirt, but I wasn’t too sure what it meant.

After some investigation, I found the #extramile website and had a look around. You can sign up, linking all of your social media accounts, so that every time to add #extramile to a tweet, photo on instagram etc, it collates it in one place, making a collective timeline for all runners. You can also create your own #extramile time capsule, creating your own webpage which follows your marathon journey. Click the link here and have a look. They are also running lots of competitions to win great prizes. The latest prize is £300 of Adidas kit!! Check out the competition here.

This was my entry into the competition. Feet up after #first 9 miler this training cycle #extramile


I also started thinking about raising money, as again I am running as part of #TeamMND. I have explained in posts before (here), how my dad suffered with Motor Neurone Disease, and I still want to raise as much money and awareness as I can. The disease is devastating and as yet there is still no cure. I am reluctant to ask family and friends for sponsorship again – if anyone offers, I would never say no, but I don’t want people to feel like I am constantly pestering them for money. I have started to contact companies asking them to donate prizes, that I can then use them to raffle off. So far, I have had an offer from Nuun, which is brilliant! So keep a look out for the information on what the prize is and how you can win it.

My long run on Sunday was fun as I got to run with my friend Kate. We used to fit in quite a lot of runs together, but since I’ve moved this isn’t possible. It was so nice to run and chat. My plan said 70 mins, but Kate’s said 9 miles (she is doing London too) We met up about 9 miles away from Kate’s house. I had warned her that I may have to walk bits as I hadn’t run that kind of distance in a while! I was also worried that I may have slowed her down, but we soon were back to our old ways, chatting away at a comfortable pace that seemed to suit us both! We did walk a little, to take on some water, but I surprised myself how comfortable it felt! My legs must be remembering all that training from last year!! I also think psychology plays a huge part, knowing that I have run these distances before stops the negative ‘I can’t’ or ‘what if’.

I also included a bit of core work and stretching this week, as I am terrible finding the time to do these. I am a member of the Run Mummy Run group of Facebook (excellent, supportive group) and someone asked about what additional training to do at home, straight away I replied saying how great the Nike Training App is! Funny though, I haven’t used the App in a while, so practised what I preached. I just need to keep this up!

Nike Training App


So training looked like this:

Week 2 training

Total mileage 18.64 miles.

Anyone else using the #extramile hashtag?



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