Well that’s that then….

I have finished my main bulk of training for this years London Marathon with another 20 miler. My first long run with my cousin Katie (she blogs over at Running with Ghost) which was great. She took me off to explore here hometown. It included some off-road, canal paths and road running. My legs felt ok up until about 17 miles, then at that point, I just wanted it to be over! I am putting that down to having run 18 miles the week before – if not London may be quite tough! 😳

I am now officially in to taper. There are only three weeks to go, and now its Maraonia time. Time to regret all the strength training that I didn’t do, the weight that I didn’t lose and the stretches that I didn’t do enough of!

I have completed more long runs this year, but still have doubts about completing the race. Last year I did 1 run of 18.6 miles 2 weeks prior, but this year I have managed 2 x 20 miles and an 18, so I should be ok. I say ‘should,’ as a marathon is a VERY long way, and you just don’t know how you are going to feel on the day.

Everyone looks forward to taper, but the extra time on your hands makes you WORRY! Last year it was ,what if I can’t finish it? What if I hit ‘the wall’? What if I haven’t trained hard enough? What if….? Second time round, I am still having the ‘What ifs! I worry that I may not enjoy it as much as last year, the weather was lovely, I met some amazing people, I actually enjoyed the running and I got the time that I had trained for! What if I get my pacing wrong? What if I don’t get a PB? What if I just don’t feel like it on race day? Ok enough with the ‘what ifs’…

Let’s think about the things I can control. So, three weeks to go so what can I do?

  • Eat well.
  • Hydrate well.
  • Sleep lots.
  • Stretch and foam roll lots.
  • Familiarise myself with race day and going  to the expo – travel times, book train tickets, check kit etc.
  • I’d really like to get familiar with what my marathon pace feels like. I’m sure I should already know this, but as I’ve explained in previous posts, I am rubbish at pacing!

I have been thinking about what inspired me to run marathons. I know that I have written about it on the blog before – here and here, but I also wrote it for a Guardian witness article too, check it out here. I also have another exciting competition to launch, so be sure to check back soon, and get involved.

So, any wise words to help me during taper? How do you stay positive and over come the ‘What ifs’?


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